“Yvonne Zemke has a passion for the vitality of a wedding day – a cornucopia of emotions just waiting to be transformed into a story”

Many people already know that I will no longer accompany weddings in 2018. It was more than 10 wonderful years of passion. I was in the fortunate position of being able to see more than a profession in it. My goal was to get the perfect picture. Technically? No, that would be presumptuous, there are so many outstanding photographers. For me, the perfect picture has always been one that not only brings the emotions back to life for my bridal couples, the family and the guests, but also has an effect on completely uninvolved ones. One that hangs on the wall in a large format and leaves the context of the wedding day behind it – so that it does not disappear in a drawer and is only taken out on anniversaries. Perhaps that’s why I was so strict as a juror in photography competitions when I had the impression of seeing a lovelessly edited image?

Did I do it myself? I hope so – we are our own greatest critics. But the wonderful feedback from my customers from those years shows that I must have been close. Now the time has come to stop while this passion is still there – otherwise it would be too late.

Every wedding had something special for me. Many friendships have arisen over this and will remain.

Thanks for everything.